Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easi Investors will beat putting money in FD

Given the low fixed deposit interest rate the banks are currently offering, do you know how much interest can you earn if you were to put $20,000 into Fix Deposit account?

That works out to be $111 per year.. The interest earned is not even enough to cover inflation.

For a limited time only, Manulife is offering our innovative program, called EASI-INVESTOR, to grow your savings at a faster rate and at the same time, maximise your returns.

Here is how Easi-Investor Gives you higher expected returns on your savings!

Easi-Investor is the perfect balance for your savings!
-Endowment component provides higher guaranteed returns (2.1%/pa for 5 year term & 2.3%/pa for 8 year term)
-Endowment component is capital guaranteed even with early withdrawal
-no medical underwriting
-top up investment anyimt to benefit from dollar cost averaging
feel free to contact me should you want to find out more about how Easi-Investor can help you fulfill your goals!

Christopher Pua
9239 0070

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