Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ceiling fan blade hits diner

Source: Straits Times: 2 Aug 2009
By Nur Dianah Suhaimi

Mr Lum's ankle was bruised and his boots were
damaged when the blade came off at Cafe Vic.

IT WAS a long-awaited dinner between two childhood friends over their favourite food - durians.

But the durian buffet dinner at Carlton Hotel's Cafe Vic two weeks ago went terribly wrong for interior designer Marshall Lum, 30, and human resource officer Chur Sze Ying, 29.

While they were eating at the restaurant's alfresco dining area, the blade of a rotating ceiling fan above them came off with a loud bang, spun wildly around the area and hit Mr Lum on the ankle before landing on the floor.

Shocked, the pair immediately ran to the side of the restaurant because they feared that the ceiling fan, which was still rotating, might come crashing down on them.

Mr Lum's ankle was bruised and his snakeskin boots were damaged by the fan's blade, which was about 75cm long.

Despite the commotion this caused among the 20 or so diners in the area, none of the service staff came to check on him, said Mr Lum.

'We were just left standing there like clowns. The service staff who were standing around before suddenly ran off somewhere. Nobody came to ask if we were okay or to switch off the fan which looked wobbly,' he said.

They had to wait for 10 minutes before a restaurant staff member came by to check on them.

Mr Lum said he had to speak to three restaurant staff before he was referred to the manager. He also had to remind them to switch off the ceiling fan.

'Nobody seemed to know what to do. They were just passing the buck,' he said of the incident on July 24.

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