Friday, April 20, 2012


Testimony by Mdm Surya: Apr 2012

Mr Christopher Pua is my personal Financial Planner, the most extraordinary person that I have met in my 52 years, a very warm, helpful person during my husband stay in Hospital at TTSH.

Last year, my husband has some medical issue and have to be admitted in a Private Hospital. Christopher Pua was very helpful in getting all my bills in time for me to pay my credit card bill. His timing was so perfect that I got my cheque from AIA in time to settle the credit card payment. It was a shock when I total up the bill, it turn out to be $20,000 and above.

It was a great relief that we have coverage with AIA and Christopher was my agent. He is not like any other Insurance Agent, he would answer my call every time I have called him. And also ready to come to assist me in my time when I needed help, also in understanding about my policy.

THANK You Christopher.

Thank you for your assistance

Mdm Surya

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